About Us

Shake and Lose came about completely by accident!

I decided that I needed, for health reasons, to lose some weight. Actually I needed to lose A LOT of weight. It needed to come off quickly, but more importantly in a healthy manner.

I had looked at other “weight loss” products, but they were just that.. Only for weight loss.

By chance, I came across an ad, talking about healthy weight loss, saying that a healthy active lifestyle was about 80% nutrition & 20% exercise. Intrigued, I responded, and to cut a long story short I started to use Herbalife Formula 1 shake, Protein Powder and Herb/Fibre tablets. Along with some fairly small exercise changes, the weight went from 134Kg to today at 105Kg.

I have some way to go until I am happy with my weight, but as the saying goes:

“if you don’t start, you will never get there”


Today Teresa uses the Formula 1 as a healthy breakfast, and all the SKIN products to keep her skin in the best condition ever.

We took the step to help others in 2014, and have helped a lot of clients (now friends) meet their nutrition goals, and many have joined our team and are helping many more meet theirs.


We care about what we do

We have pride in what we deliver.