Fat v Muscle

  • Muscle weighs more than fat
  • I can convert my fat to muscle

Both are WRONG!

Muscle weighs more than fat:

Muscle does NOT weigh more than fat but it occupies less volume so you look smaller

When you have the right diet, you may gain weight in the form of muscle – so whilst scales may stay the same or even go up this is actually good news

More muscle means your clothes will be looser, you’ll drop clothes sizes, be stronger and leaner, your metabolism is raised and you can then eat more =RESULT!

Diets that don’t focus on building lean muscle won’t work for long, as if your body is not  not fuelled correctly you will lose muscle mass,  lower your metabolism,  and in the long term gain more weight!

I can convert my fat to muscle:

LIKEWISE you cannot turn fat into muscle, they are two different bodily tissues but you will shed fat whilst gaining muscle this is how that works!

Don’t be scared of weights or protein, you will NOT turn into a bodybuilders physique these folks do some serious training and eating so don’t worry about “bulking up” it WONT happen if you don’t want it too

So eat that protein, drink that shake and lift those weights for that lean figure


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