I Can´t Afford It !!!!

Talking with people about Herbalife as part of a Healthy Eating Programme, one of the primary objections is

“I can´t afford it”

So lets break it down!


ItemCost Ea.Total / MonthNutritional Info
2 Takeaway coffees per week£3.50£28.00NONE
1 Takeaway Meal per week£20.00£80.00High Sugar, Salt, Fat, and Minimal Nutritional Value
1 Meal Deal for lunch 5 days per week£3.50£70.00Possible High Sugar, Salt & Fat. Normally has some Nutritional Value


This table does not include any other meals, snacks, drinks or chocolate bars you may buy / eat during the week!!!!!

If you are considering a Healthy Eating Plan using Herbalife Products, and currently undecided on how to proceed, CONTACT ME

It is not all about weight loss or weight gain, I will help you learn how to make better nutrition choices, save money, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, SAVE YOUR HEALTH!

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