My College Acceptance Letter Called Me Fat

​I was told to lose 20 pounds before I started school in the fall.

It is a sad fact of life that, in many professions, people are viewed as “fat”, based on another persons perception of the body. How many times have we seen super thin models or dancers, and heard stories of these people not eating, or even eating paper to fill themselves up….

These professions, and many more, NEED proper nutrition to fuel the working day.

It is good that companies and certain countries have now recognised that there is an issue, and are dealing with it (BBC News Article).

Herbalife, as a professional & responsible nutrition company, are all about balance. To lead a Healthy Active Lifestyle, you need the best nutrition.

Speak to your local Herbalife Independent Member ( also a qualified Diet & Nutrition Practitioner) for advice to support your Healthy Active Lifestyle.


Source: My College Acceptance Letter Called Me Fat


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